About TBP

TBP is a UK-headquartered corporation with offices and on-the-ground business teams in sub-Saharan Africa.

We have been developing software, platforms and payment gateways for over a decade, starting with point-of-sale terminals for the retail sector.

TBP helps bank-the-unbanked, pro-actively assisting often financially marginalised communities within developing economies by providing responsive and innovative solutions such as our tbeep™ technology in partnership with educational establishments, financial institutions, mobile payment providers and corporations.

For example, to meet one of the many challenges during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we rapidly tailored a tbeep–based mobile app on behalf of a pharmaceutical supplier utilising M-Pesa eWallets. This enabled them to remove cash, cheques and paperwork from their distribution chain, thereby minimising physical contact at the point-of-delivery, an issue of immediate and critical importance to them during these demanding times.

Our mission at TBP Global is Financial Inclusion For All.

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